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Electrical Service Upgrades

Run out of circuit breakers?

  • Upgrade your fuse-box to a breaker panel
  • Replace an existing breaker panel with one that has more space
  • Upgrade your amperage from 60 amps to 100 amps, or from 100 amps to 200.

Home Generator Systems

Concerned with power outages due to unpredictable weather?

  • We can connect your portable generator to your electrical system and panel safely
  • Add a whole house generator. Automatically transfer power to your home during power outages. Peace of mind even when you are not at home!

Electric Car Chargers

Recently purchase or thinking about purchasing an EV?

  • Install an in-home charging station
  • Many options depending on the make and model of your car and the speed you want it to be charged at.

Backup Battery Storage Systems

Want to lower your electrical bill?

  • Solar power systems can be connected to battery storage systems, allowing you to reduce your need of buying power from the electric utility company.
  • Store energy for usage at night and during power outages.
  • Several options are available

Lighting and Ceiling Fan Upgrades

Tired of sitting in a dark room?

  • Update kitchen, bedrooms, and basements with recessed can lights
  • Upgrade your home with LED light bulbs.
  • Custom cabinet lighting and accent indirect lighting
  • Ceiling fan add-ons to existing rooms.

Computer Ethernet Cabling

Need faster internet speeds in your home or business?

  • Hardwire your computer, video game system, or TV to reduce buffering

About Us 

At Update Electric, we have been bringing high-quality workmanship for over 20 years. From personal experience, we know how difficult it can be to find people who truly care about what you want and need.

Changing times have increased our need for more power usage. We have years of experience helping customers get the extra power for all of their needs.

We are also helping people go green. Whether you need to charge your electric car at your home, or you want your home to be energy efficient, we will get the job done!


Tony did an excellent job upgrading our breaker panel! He was professional, punctual and the quality of his work is top-notch!

Hector G.

Tony is extremely professional and does excellent work! We have had him do electrical work at our house numerous times. He installed low-profile fans in two of our bedrooms and designed a system so we can run our whole home off our portable generator.  Thanks again Tony!

Brianna B.


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